Saturday, January 31, 2009

Legislative Meeting

The Smith County Education Association met with Representative Terri Lynn Weaver in January. The association invited Representative Weaver to meet and discuss the upcoming legislation session. We had several questions for Rep. Weaver concerning our 60, 80, 90 campaign. How did Rep. Weaver stand on getting our retired member 60% of their salary as retirement? How did she stand on helping our local teachers receive 80% of insurance paid for by the state? How would she help us work to receiving 90% of the national teacher's average salary?

The group discussed the high quality teachers Smith County has been able to acquire and how these areas were concerns would lead to longevity in our school system, keeping high quality teachers in are area. Our surrounding counties have higher salary bases and a variety of benefit packages. But we are concerned about our county and how to improve our working conditions and benefits.

Representative Weaver was open to our ideas and voiced her concerns with education. Our meeting was during the first week of the legislative session. Since the meeting Representative Weaver has been appointed the House Education Committee. Congratulations Representative Weaver!  She understands our issues and is very willing to listen to our concerns and suggestions.  The meeting was very productive and we look forward to meeting with her again.