Sunday, September 13, 2009


That stands for National Education Association Member Benefits. I often get a reminder in my mail box to take advantage of my benefits through the NEA. But I don't always remember to use them. I also know that I have great benefits as a member of TEA and this weekend I took advantage of one!

Last week, I went to get new glasses. I gulped and paid the amount for my spiffy new glasses. They did have a sale, $100 off the glasses but it was still expensive and then I remembered my Access card through TEA. Did I have it with me, NO! But the sales clerk was great and we looked up the discount programs Lens Crafters honors. I couldn't prove I was a member but she told me to bring my card back when I picked up my glasses.

So Saturday, I returned TEA card in hand and the clerk looked up the discount and I walked out with $94 back in my pocket! Thanks to Access/TEA I received a total of $194 dollars off my glasses. The clerk let me know that I could get as many pairs of glasses and sunglasses as my family needed, there wasn't a yearly limit. I was tickled to have money back in my pocket and realized it was almost half of my yearly dues that I had saved with one pair of glasses.

Don't tell me about the cost of membership. I've saved more than the cost of my dues this year by using NEA sponsored California Casualty for my insurance needs and now purchasing new glasses. MORE than my dues! I love it! So be sure you register you card on the TEA website and remember to look for those discounts. I know Target also honors the card, just print out a coupon from the TEA website...I need to go shopping!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More DC Pics

Sorry, I don't have the names of everyone from the Tennessee delegation. Denise will provide them soon and I will update the post.

Sorry for the delay in postings

Most of you know, my mom was very ill this summer and being with her was the most important thing I did all summer! Thanks for the prayers as I deal with the loss of a wonderful mom!

Denise Hackett and Scott Apple were invited to a conference this summer as guests of NEA. The conference was in Washington, D.C. which is the national office of the NEA. Scott claimed all he did was go to meetings, but I have pictures to prove otherwise. They truly represented SCEA well!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take a Survey

I received this message this morning from our illustrious TEA president Dr. Earl Wiman. So I'm passing it on to those of you who read the blog. Earl said, "Mr. Haslam is a Republican candidate for governor, please take his survey."

Here is the link. Let the candidate know what you think.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look at your TEACH

At the back of this months TEACH, you will find a lovely article about the Rural Initiative Project. In addition to the article you will see a few familiar faces in the picture. It isn't Denise or I!

Duran asked each local to send members and we are proud to say that Becky H and Bonnie G met us for the day. In addition to our members, you will see the newly elected board member for our district, Beth from Grundy Co. This is the last month of my three year term and it is bittersweet!

I just want to say thanks for all the support.

Friday, April 17, 2009

RIP - Rural Initiative Project

Denise and Tracy are currently in training, we are actually the trainers! Isn't that scary. We are talking about how to blog and how to be involved in political action. We are in Cookeville and we are meeting with a bunch of other education associations.

Currently, there are six other associations at the meeting. We are having a train the trainer session right now and tomorrow morning we will have the big presentation.

Dannise McKinney is presenting on how to present. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whoa Time Flies

This is just a check in so that you don't think we've forgotten anyone!

I can't believe this is the week of spring break. I hope everyone is having a relaxing week. School has just a few short weeks left. TCAPs, EOC, and Gateways are ahead along with proms and graduations.

On May 1 and 2, the TEA RA will take place in Nashville, anyone wishing to attend the RA as a delegate, please contact Denise or me (Tracy). We have a couple of delegate spots open. Typically, we drive down Friday afternoon and come back that evening and repeat the drive Saturday morning. The RA is usually over by 9 on Friday evening and 12 on Saturday afternoon. It is a very educational and interesting experience.

The next AR meeting will be April 7, if you have any questions or want to attend, contact your building AR.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Legislative Meeting

The Smith County Education Association met with Representative Terri Lynn Weaver in January. The association invited Representative Weaver to meet and discuss the upcoming legislation session. We had several questions for Rep. Weaver concerning our 60, 80, 90 campaign. How did Rep. Weaver stand on getting our retired member 60% of their salary as retirement? How did she stand on helping our local teachers receive 80% of insurance paid for by the state? How would she help us work to receiving 90% of the national teacher's average salary?

The group discussed the high quality teachers Smith County has been able to acquire and how these areas were concerns would lead to longevity in our school system, keeping high quality teachers in are area. Our surrounding counties have higher salary bases and a variety of benefit packages. But we are concerned about our county and how to improve our working conditions and benefits.

Representative Weaver was open to our ideas and voiced her concerns with education. Our meeting was during the first week of the legislative session. Since the meeting Representative Weaver has been appointed the House Education Committee. Congratulations Representative Weaver!  She understands our issues and is very willing to listen to our concerns and suggestions.  The meeting was very productive and we look forward to meeting with her again.